SKC 20th Anniversary


SKC 20th Anniversary Promotion


  • Create a unique marketing plan to capitalize on the 20th anniversary of Sporting Kansas City (aka Kansas City Wizards circa 1996)
  • Launch a customized product range during SKC's home match vs Colorado Rapids
  • Find a workaround to service the consumer (SKC and SKC fans)


  • SKC wanted to pay homage to their 20-year history with one major request: a customized jersey.
    • Jersey creation takes a minimum of 18 months to create a unique piece
    • Custom pieces must hit a minimum order quantity to get produced
    • MLS league guidelines DO NOT allow teams to wear customized pieces on field -- only licensed product
    • SKC wanted to pay homage to their 1996 multicolor jersey, a very complex design
    • Wanted 1,000 units with lead time of 3 months
  • I got creative
    • I found a black inline style in the quantities and size run needed
    • I worked with SKC and our graphics team in Boston to create the exact item the team wanted
    • I shipped the product and the approve graphics to our Indianapolis warehouse to customize the inline product
    • I worked with MLS to get approval for the piece
    • Finally, I worked with our sales team to get the proper royalties and pricing
  • The units were produced, shipped in full, and on time.



  • The jerseys sold out within 5 minutes of doors opening
    • Fastest sellout in team history
    • SKC VP of Consumer Product later said: "only ordering 1,000 was the biggest career mistake I've made."
    • Reddit couldn't find them either
  • The team then placed an additional order for 10,000 units to be created and shipped in waves.
  • Team press release for the event