I had the pleasure of working with Mike in a multi-faceted role where he wore many hats but had one objective, which was to keep his partners and clients satisfied with exceptional service. He excelled due to his natural leadership and professional skill set, as well as his ability to be accountable and over-deliver. He is a very quick rising star. The type that all of our organizations need more of.Matt Chavlovich


Mike is good at many things, but of all the things he’s good at, the thing that I’ve appreciated the most is that he’s challenged me. Consistently. Forever probing, constant questioning. It takes a certain amount of courage to question the status quo. So as he departs for foreign shores, I’d ask him to carry that courage with him because it’s his greatest asset.Zola Short


Mike was the first person we hired at Gilt Edge Soccer Marketing, and he contributed immensely to help us get where we are today….Mike was an integral part of every client we worked with and every process we shaped to help build our business. Best thing I can say about Mike is that he’s got a great grasp of focus, drive, and effort while balancing it all nicely with a playful attitude that makes clients and co-workers enjoy his company…. As a soccer guy, I’ll say anyone who brings Mike into their team should feel pretty good about how he can (and will) help you score a load of goals.Scott Hutchison


Michael understands the power of building brands through passion and relationships.  He knows that everyone he touches is another opportunity to build goodwill towards him and the brand, which ultimately goes hand in hand.  I experienced this first hand in the chance meeting we had in a UPS store that has ended up being a great relationship.  Michael would be a terrific asset to any organization that needs marketing leadership.Kevin Hannan


I had the pleasure of working with Mike at Human Movement Management for over two years. Mike’s dedication and creativity were an inspiration to the rest of us. He was a go-to for co-workers to bounce ideas off of or for any marketing related help. Mike was instrumental in implementing multiple marketing initiatives at HMM. Mike is an excellent leader, team player, and overall person. I would highly recommend him to any company looking for a stellar employee.Allison Rifkin


It was Mike’s character and leadership that drove me to be the best and work harder. After being hired by HMM, I quickly learned that Mike was the heart and soul of the team. He set the bar high for the marketing department, always asking questions, brainstorming at lunch, encouraging play and continuously being a support system to his many friends and peers. Mike never backed down from a challenge. He demonstrated again and again, in times of high stress, he would be calm, cool, collected and unify the team and move forward with a plan. I believe his greatest accomplishment at HMM was when a competing event, “The Zombie Run,” announced bankruptcy. Our CEO asked members of our company to volunteer their weekends to fly to Arizona and put on a 5k race for all the participants were left without a refund. Everyone at HMM had been traveling 3 to 4 weekends a month and were burnt out. Despite our feelings, Mike went around to members of our team and rallied the troops. Mike saw the good in what we were doing and reminded us that we were helping others. To this day, that weekend seemed to be impossible, and without fail, Mike was able to handle the situation and manifest a remarkable 5k event from nothing. You’re not going to find another leader like Mike.Natalie Plaza


Mike has a strong desire to be the best, but more importantly, he challenges those around him to be their best as well.Brian Katz