Brian Katz

“In the 8+ years that I’ve known Mike Brennan, he has proven to be one of the most creative individuals I’ve come across. His ideas aren’t just ‘out of the box’ but they inspire the people around him as well.

Though we have not worked directly together, Mike has directly influenced my career more than all of my previous coworkers. His expertise in the marketing and events have aided my progress in similar fields. His selflessness and willing to help have resulted in my career taking steps I never dreamed possible.

Mike never shies away from a challenge and is always available when needed. He truly embodies the team-oriented mentality. He has a strong desire to be the best, but more importantly, he challenges those around him to be their best as well.

Success follows Mike wherever he goes. With a proven track record in marketing and leadership, he’d be a tremendous asset in any organization.”

-Brian Katz