Client Activation



  • Connect the Pepsi brand, specifically Pepsi MAX, to soccer consumers through Pepsi’s properties in the sport.
    • MLS All-Star Game
    • USA vs Argentina
    • World Football Challenge
  • Leverage Pepsi MAX’s identity in culture (music, art) to align with the sport. Build equity through the lifestyle of soccer. 
  • Drive Pepsi Max brand awareness.




  • We created various different creative campaigns to maximize exposure of Pepsi surrounding these tentpole properties:


    • Game was held in NYC – perfect for a Pepsi activation
      • All-Star HubMLS Hub
        • The All-Star game features the MLS Hub which is an urban celebration (open to the public) of the MLS and soccer lifestyle – perfect for Pepsi MAX
        • We established Pepsi FC – a team of MLS players who excel on and off the field and have connections to the art, music and fashion worlds
        • We created a Pepsi FC playlist, from the players, which was played by a live DJ at the Hub
        • We brought in a graffiti artist to render a mural of Pepsi FC with an artistic spin
        • Over 3,500 attendees visited the exhibit during All-Star weekend
        • Freestyle soccer professionals
      • GameDay
        • Professional freestyle footballers and sample teams on-site to drive interest and awareness
        • Over 10,000 branded samples and rally towels were given out





    • 14 matches nationwide, featuring some of the world’s best soccer clubs (Manchester United, Chivas, Barcelona, etc)
    • We utilized Pepsi MAX’s social media to run ticket and hospitality giveaways for 10 matches
    • During the WFC we gave away 230 tickets to 115 winners all via social media





    • We designed a guerrilla campaign entitled “You Are Soccer” in NYC leading up to the match (played at Meadowlands in NYC)
    • Brand ambassadors would be visiting iconic NYC parks, bars, attractions, retail stores, recreational fields and non-traditional soccer locations (nightclubs, skateparks, etc.)
    • Ambassadors would look for consumers engaged with the sport (multicultural, wearing soccer gear) and would conduct a mini “You Are Soccer” experience. Ambassadors were dressed as referees and would issue a ‘blue card’ to selected individuals
    • The experience would culminate with the Ambassadors giving out 2 free tickets to the USA v Argentina match on behalf of Pepsi MAX

Gilt Edge Soccer Marketing on Vimeo.