Denver Oktoberfest


Event Marketing


  • Organically drive sales of VIP Tickets, Das Hustlehoff 5k and 2013 commemorative Steins.
  • Create a social media presence to drive awareness, establish unique promotions and encourage social sharing on-site.
  • Manage partnerships with local businesses, deal sites (Groupon / LivingSocial), bars and charities.
  • Announcer and crew during both weekends.



  • Developed a sales strategy to push VIP ticket sales – our biggest pre-event revenue source.
    • Launched a program to incentivize tickets for friends, family, past participants, local businesses and visitors (conventions, sports).
    • Developed an HTML email campaign to drive direct sales.
    • Cold called other events, trade-shows, conferences and conventions taking place during Oktoberfest weekends for discounted tickets.
    • These tactics led to 60% of VIP ticket sales
  • Used social media to launch unique promotions for awareness.
    • “Find The Stein” was played the week before Denver Oktoberfest. The game was a social media scavenger hunt around Denver for free VIP tickets.
    • Social media accounted for 15% of VIP ticket sales.
  • Reached out and established a partnership to have a KITT replica car on site for Das Hustlehoff 5k. This led to David Hasselhoff declaring he will take part in 2014.
  • Oversaw a PR campaign to promote awareness.



  • The Denver Oktoberfest sold out of VIP tickets for each available day.
    • Revenue from VIP ticket sales grew by $50,000 from 2012. In 2012, all tickets were sold via LivingSocial – in 2013, no VIP tickets were sold via LS.
  • Over 5,500 people checked into Denver Oktoberfest via social media.
    • Customer Reviews of Denver Oktoberfest rate the festival a 4.1 out of 5.
  • The Denver Oktoberfest was voted the 2nd best entertainment event in Denver for 2013.